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Where Passion Meets Obssesion

Hey, Tarsan here, I’m a rising music talent from Poland, and I’m on a mission to redefine how we experience music with my sound. My tracks are a fusion of chaos and peacefulness, creating a one-of-a-kind, mystic, and ghostlike listening experience that I’m truly passionate about. I consider myself a artist, and I strive to make music that will become the soundtrack of life, reflecting the full spectrum of emotions we encounter every day.

Till this day I have released over 500+ beats of many genres, emotions and rhythms that make your body move. When it comes to mix and mastering, I spend hours on small details to ensure your music sounds its absolute best. As for the world of web development, I’m ready to make the website of your dreams.

What truly inspires me to make great tracks that are this unique is what has happened to me in life. I invite you to join me on this journey and discover the magic of my different sounds in music, beats, mix and mastering, as well as the world of web development. With each new release or project, I aim to leave you wanting more.

Mix and

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